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I use genuary as an opportunity to explore something quickly. This is the opposite of my regular mode of operating. The way I normally work is to spend time as my schedule allows it, over days and weeks, with one idea. Mining it, pursuing my interest, and what the idea affords. Letting things percolate.

Genuary doesn’t grant that kind of time, which is the point. Or the point that I take from it. Last year, I really worked some ideas and demanded of myself that I plot them. It was too ambitious. I didn’t have that kind of time. This year, I have even less of that kind of time.

When you have less time to do, do less. But still do.

So the idea here was to take something that I can apply loops to, and do what I find useful to it. I’ve been thinking about an idea for a while now and looking for an excuse to test it. Bite size genuary projects are just the thing for something like this.

I want closed loops that are kinda periodic-ish but also random.

:bulb: What if I make a closed path (orbit) and compute the Perlin noise (or open simplex), and use that to mutate the loop?

There are some other details, but the image above is that. It’s not exactly what I was hoping for. It’s cool enough in it’s own right, and I will probably develop it some more at a later date. And plot it.

But now I know, and I can see what other options I have for noisy closed loops. This one may be useful for something.

I’ve probably overcomplicated it, but there’s no time to go back to it. Must keep moving.

[I’ve edited this a few times to clarify what I mean.]

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